Covid and project team updates

13 May 2020

Apart from clean blue skies, covid has brough bad news for Greennova, too.

Tarragona laboratories have already been closed for almost two months and hopefully will reopen in the end of May. Until then all project investigation activity is stopped.

As soon as the normal activity is restarted, Eurecat’s Water, Air and Soil Technologic Unit will retake POLUSTOP project development.

On the other hand CAPTACO2 project team has been modified. Hammam Alkezmazy left the project in January after he completed his course, and Dr. Magdalena Olkiewicz is replacing him. She is an experienced chemister whose knowledge will be very helpful for the project.

Coronavirus is now our top priority but we cannot forget that despite we can temporarly enjoy clearer skies climate change does not stop.