Greennova Ventures is born

6 July 2022

Greennova Foundation was created to fight against climate change from a non-profit perspective. So we launched CAPTACO2 and GRAFECO2 projects, which are developing different ways to remove carbon dioxide from the air and thus mitigate global warming.

Both projects are going forward and their results allow us to trust in the success of our work.

Therefore we have decided to create the company Greennova Ventures. This company will allow us to apply for available grants for start-up companies, and can also serve as a platform to industrialize and market Greennova’s carbon dioxide capturing solutions.

Greennova Ventures, in addition, is a company wholly owned by Greennova Foundation, as shown by the official certificate below.

This means that despite being a for-profit company, all its future profits will be fully returned to the Foundation. And the Foundation will be able to use them to continue developing projects.

Greennova Ventures will be eligible for grants from the Startup Capital program, developed by Acció – Generalitat de Catalunya, and also from the Neotec program, developed by the CDTI – Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Both grants are very important and would allow us to expand the scope of research and to hire more staff. They are very good opportunities, and a very good work from our governments.

All the sponsorships that Greennova Foundation receives, as always, will be dedicated to our projects. And will continue to enjoy the same tax benefits guaranteed by the current law.