CAPTACO2 – new testing, the team grows

22 September 2019

The results obtained with the bigger module ( have forced the Eurecat team to start another type of tests.

The motive: the system has a good carbon dioxide capturing efficiency, but it drops after some time. This could happen because some different factors, which should be tested in order to be discarded.

In the picture the test of the small module (the small piece that has three connected tubes) which recieves pure CO2. This module has a small piece of polysulfone membrane and potassium hydroxide. The black item on the left is the pump which recirculates the hydroxide, and carbon dioxide to carbonate conversion efficiency is later measured.

Good news for Eurecat team. Hammam Alkezmazy, an Egiptian engineer who is completing his master studies, has joined the team. He will help Doctor Nogalska with the testing while developing the capturing device techical features.