GRAFECO2 – test samples successfully synthesized

30 March 2021

GRAFECO2 project has successfully accomplished its first milestone after having synthesized a first complete set of testing samples.

These samples will now be tested to determine, for each of them, its adsortion capacity and adsortion speed. The test will expose each sample to a pure carbon dioxide flow. And as samples are different so will be carbon dioxide adsorption characteristics for each of them. Measuring how much and how fast carbon dioxide is adsorbed will determine each sample efficiency.

The list has more than 15 different samples, based on copper and zirconium MOFs with and without graphene oxide in concentrations up to 50%. The microscopic structure of one of the samples, a copper MOF, can be seen on the image.

The best samples will be further developed in order to increase their CO2 capturing efficiency.

Link to GRAFECO2 project description: