POLUSTOP project receives an Acció Coupon

19 June 2023

ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness, has awarded a Climate Change Coupon to the Greennova Foundation, as part of the aid it offers to companies in the form of Competitiveness Coupons.

Thanks to the Coupon and in collaboration with Eurecat, new experiments are evaluating the application of electrostatic particle capture. This pioneering technology ionizes the polluting particles and captures them using an intense electrostatic field.

Particle pollution is a very important health problem, especially in urban environments with a high density of road traffic. It can cause disorders in the cognitive development of children, causes significant effects on the respiratory system and has even been linked to brain cancer.

Moreover, the accumulation of particles also increases the intensity of the Heat Island effect. This effect makes large cities to experience higher temperatures locally, which is very harmful during heat waves.

Reducing particle pollution, especially in urban areas, is a real need. Greennova Foundation, with the help of Acció, will try to remedy it.

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